Hair Salon Atlanta 2013 Hairstyle Trends



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What are the hottest hair styles and hair color trends for 2013?  Ask the experts at our Atlanta hair salon! 

OMBRE COLOR: One of the hottest trends this year is ombre color. Ombre color is a hair color technique where the upper part of the hair through the mid-shaft is colored a darker color while the tips and lower sections are colored with a lighter shade that will gradually blend upward into the darker hair color.

SIDE SWEPT STYLES:  Side swept hair styles with extreme side parts have been a huge hit on the runways this season. 

SUPER SHINE:  Glossy hair is another popular trend.  Hair with super shine not only looks healthier, it reflects light for a beautiful touch.  Visit our Atlanta hair salon for a clear glaze application to achieve this effect for your hair. 




hair salon atlanta angled hair style


Short styles are ever popular for 2013.   From classic bobs, to angled cuts to pixie styles, there are a wealth of different looks for those who lean toward shorter styles.  Make an appointment with one of our Atlanta salon stylists to discuss the trendiest options.

hair salon Atlanta curly hair style


Curls are back in this year!  After several seasons of straight and sleek hair styles, curls are making a come back.  If your hair is not naturally curly, a permanent wave from our Atlanta hair salon can help.  From gentle waves to spiral curls, we can create the perfect amount of curl for the style you love. 


atlanta hair salon long hair style


Whether you are going for a blunt or layered cut, you'll love the versatility of lovely long hairstyles.  Long layers can give you a sophisticated and classy look, and are perfect for adding body, texture and control to all types of hair. 


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