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Hair color is one of our specialties at Panache Hair Studio in  Atlanta.  Our Morningside hair salon offers a wide range of hair color techniques using only top of the line professional hair color  formulas from Redken and Artego.  Whether you want to take a few years off by blending away gray, or you're looking for a fashionable new look,  our professional hair colorists at Panache will work with you to develop a custom hair color formulation for vibrant, shiny color with longevity and superior style. 

During color consultation, one of our Atlanta hair color specialists will examine the condition of your hair, listen to your preferences, and then choose from our wide array of color products and advanced application techniques to deliver amazing hair color that will compliment your individual style. 

In need of color correction?  Our stylists are experts at fixing hair color.  Whether you have received a less than desirable hair color service at another salon or perhaps tried to a boxed home hair color that turned out badly, we can remove the color, repair the damage, and give you the hair color of your dreams!  Please call us for a consultation.



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Our Atlanta hair salon specializes in professional hair color services of all types including:

Fringe Foils

Fringe Foils are used to brighten up selected pieces of hair around the face to bring out the eyes and give a brighter appearance

Design Highlights

Design highlights add dimension, texture, and volume to your hair.  Highlights can be subtle or they can offer dramatic contrast depending upon your preferred style

Corrective Color

Our hair color specialists are experts at repairing a color mishap.  We will consult with you to determine your desired color and then use the best formulas available to give you the hair color you desire

Sun Streaks

Sun Streaks are carefully placed streaks of lighter hair color that will give you that "just back from vacation" look


Balayage is a popular technique in which highlights are brushed on to the hair without the use of foils in order to create the look of naturally grown out hair color



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